Spring is coming

Winter is waning, day by day,
With the sun shining high above,
Birds are singing, bunnies playing,
Good-bye, Dear Winter! We’ve had enough!
The snowman’s melting to the ground,
The crocuses are bursting through…
Our hearts seem lighter, our days even brighter,
Knowing that spring will arrive soon!

A bench

Lenten discipline – a poem a day. Here is another…

Walking through the woods one day,
I came across a bench,
The view was near the water,
With the mountains to the west.

I thought how nice a place to be,
That bench – just right for two,
Then they could look together
At God’s panoramic view.

Again my walk took me by that place,
It warmed my heart to see,
A gray-haired couple sitting there,
As God intended it to be.
A story shared on the bench that day
In the quiet of a winter woods,
God’s Spirit there, wrapping them
In the blanket of God’s love.


My discipline this Lent is to write a poem each day – however the Spirit speaks to me. I share this one.

The angel came and held her
Close in her arms so tight,
Day by day, each hour
Well into the darkening night.

The family gathered ‘round her
Tears flowing down their face,
About to lose their mother
To the One who offers grace.

Dawn rose above the mountain
The night had turned to day,
They knew the angel had carried
Their loved one to a place away.No tears, dear ones…God whispered
She abides in Heaven with me,
Yet she will be with you for always
In your memories and hearts, you’ll see


Throughout Lent, I am writing a poem a day. Here you go…

Clouds swaddled the sun
One winter day –
Keeping Hope in the shadows
Not too long, I pray.

Snow blanketed the earth
Silently falling –
Though the world was still
I heard God calling…
…to trust…to love…to give.


Sometimes I decide to give something up for Lent or to add something during this time of intentional personal reflection and prayer. This season of Lent, I will be writing a poem a day. I thought I would share this one…

I opened my eyes…
To the sun streaming through the blinds,
Spilling ‘cross the room and into my mind,
Breathing the first breaths of a new day undefined.

I opened my eyes…
To a wide world not already knowing,
The gifts that God has been bestowing,
Upon those whose faith had started growing.

I opened my eyes…
To a place with no ways of anguish or pain,
Where people lived with no hate or disdain,
Where love and kindness and grace sustained.

I opened my eyes…

St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem worship 022121 –



Love and kindness should always be shared.

St, Thomas UCC, Bethlehem worship 02-14-21


Today marks 4 years since my vision loss. I recall that day vividly. It was one of the best days of my life. Just a lot of little things on the journey that day that made it so. Initially, the vision loss devastated my heart and soul; but I am beyond that now. While I grieve the loss of the many things I loved to do, I have gained back much more in new ways since then.

As Helen Keller put it: I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.