Getting Into The Swim

Splash! I took advantage of the warm weather this afternoon and went for a swim. First time since last summer. I lost track of my stroke count a few times – I use the count to tell me I am approaching the side of the pool and bumped into the side of the pool…still, I am glad I took the time to do it! Even managed some water aerobics!

Take a Walk

There was something in the early morning air today….maybe a certain way the breeze blew across the patio at dawn; perhaps it was the faint, sweet smell of lavender and roses as I walked across the yard headed for a morning walk; or I don’t know – just a feeling, a moment of nostalgia…that  reminded me of being in church during the summer as a young girl. (I know – it is not Sunday!) That thought carried with it a memory of one of the first hymns I ever learned, This is My Father’s World.

Maltbie D. Babcock, who wrote the hymn, was known for taking morning walks, and before each stroll, was noted for saying, “I am going out to see my Father’s world.” We have been blessed with some beautiful summer days lately and more to come. Walk through them with joyful hearts.

St. Thomas UCC podcast worship 6/28
I included this hymn in our worship service of hymns, prayers and scripture for this Sunday.


Summer is here! It is nice to page through family photo albums and remember all the fun we had in summers past. Examples: Going to the shore, fishing, lounging in the pool, eating lots of ice cream on a hot summer day, camping out in the backyard (or anywhere else!). This summer we may experience in different ways. We will still be able to do the things we love to do; we will simply find new ways to enjoy them. Happy Summer!

St. Thomas UCC worship podcast June 21

A Helping Hand

Look at these beautiful flowers in this planter. Reminds me of people. When the wind blows, they gently bend into the wind, as though they are leaning over to lend a helping hand to another.
When the morning dew dances on their petals just at sunrise, they stand grace-filled together. The more mature ones offer shade to the younger blooms. The younger blooms, seem to nod in thanks.
A lesson for all of us.

St. Thomas UCC worship podcast June 14    Worship 06-14-2020.mp3

A Backyard Chorus

I have a near constant symphony in my backyard– endless choruses of birdsong! This is not a complaint by any means! They fly about – from hummingbirds to woodpeckers – happily flying from tree to tree, flower to feeder, then gathering ‘round the birdbath. At one time, I would grab my camera to capture the activity; now I am content with listening to the sweet gifts they offer.

These are anxious times. I worry about everything and everyone. I notice when I pause to listen to the singing of these feathered backyard visitors, my anxiety diminishes. All the worry in the world won’t take away the fact that the coronavirus exists. But your worry and concern can lessen in these backyard moments of song. Try it. Listen to the birdsong; watch the robins and bluejays and sparrows. Enjoy!

St. Thomas UCC worship podcast  Worship 05-31-2020.mp3

Shades of Gray

God has created some beautiful spring days for us to enjoy this week: light-filled, gentle breezes, birdsong and the smell of lilacs filled the air. While grateful, I am just as grateful for the gray of today. It gives my eyes some rest. With non-anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, light plays an important role in how I ‘see’ the world around me. The days that are most light-filled, I struggle to ‘see’ the most. I am what it tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “Be thankful in all circumstances…”

St. Thomas UCC Sunday, May 17 worship podcast   Worship 05-17-2020.mp3

Golden Beauty

Such a beautiful spring day! God’s brush strokes paint our landscapes in a variety of ways – from the sky above with stunning sunrises and sunsets, to the fields and valleys that surround us.

For me, mostly how I ‘see’ my surroundings, are without lines: much of the time I ‘see’ the world in blobs of color. When I look up, with my face toward the sky, and I feel the warmth of the sun on my face, I believe the sky is blue. When I step outside and it is damp and cool, and I do not feel the sun’s warmth, I imagine clouds are above. I really cannot tell what kind of flower I am seeing without getting very, very up close and personal.

Passing by a field a few days ago, a bright yellow caught my attention. Miles of goldenrod in a field caused my driver to stop so we could look at the amazing golden landscape in front of us. Only God could paint such beauty!

St. Thomas UCC worship 5/10/20  Worship 5-10-2020.mp3