We Remember

Maybe you attended a Memorial Day parade today (or will tomorrow. Or laid flowers on the grave of a veteran. Or attended a special service remembering those who died for our country. May we always remember those who sacrificed their lives for the United States; and may we never take those freedoms for granted.

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Mental Health Sunday

We received our United Church of Christ W.I.S.E. (Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, Engaging) certification earlier this year. Today, Mental Health Sunday, we shared the idea of how important it is to love and care for everyone – family, friends, strangers, even our enemies, especially in times of stress, anxiety, and distress, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally. Imagine such a world.

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Occasionally on Sunday evenings, I experience a touch of nostalgia tugging gently at my heart. Growing up with my grandmother, Sundays were always a routine of attending Sunday School and Church, sharing a family dinner, then spending time with family in the afternoon. Sunday evenings were a time of preparing for Monday: work and school.

Today was like that in some ways. I spent time with my church family this morning and mmost of our family this afternoon. Now I will soon prepare for work tomorrow.

Perhaps I am feeling this way this evening because the weather was perfect – warm sun and a spirit breeze – and it was Mother’s Day – I was missing my grandmother, my mother, and my daughter. Tugs on my heart. The warmth of the sun on my face felt good and brought me comfort; the spirit breeze seemed to whisper to me words from heaven from their hearts to mine. Soon the day will begin its descent into night, and the memories of the past and the present will fold into another tomorrow.

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Nice Weather

It was a nice weather weekend. Not too hot, not too cold, some may say: just right. A time to be outdoors if you were able, to enjoy parks, mowing, planting, sports, or just sit on the patio. It felt good. The combination of rain and sun this past week produced rainbows across ouor region, new blooms, and a new perspective for many. Nice weather does that – brings out the goodness in the world around us, not just the physical landscape, but our spiritual landscapes as well. May you be renewed and refreshed along your journey this week.

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Rain, Rain

Verses from songs and poems keep popping up in my mind today. Rain rain, go away…Raindrops keep falling on my head…singin’ in the rain…have you ever seen the rain?…I love a rainy night…

Verses from songs and poems keep popping up in my mind today. Rain rain, go away…Raindrops keep falling on my head…singin’ in the rain…have you ever seen the rain?…I love a rainy night…Any of these on your mind today?

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Wherever your road takes you

We are all travelers, aren’t we? Each of us is walking, driving, running, biking on some kind of road. We do this alone or with family or friends or strangers. Sometimes the road is smooth, sometimes rocky, sometimes it snakes through the miles, sometimes it’s closed so we need to take a detour – or two or three. Sometimes we are in the road to a career, to a new love, to a new home, to health and well-being, to divorce, to fame. Whatever road you are on, no matter where it takes you, no matter what you encounter along the way, know that God is with you with every step. That is good news.

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Earlier this morning, it was so foggy, I could barely make out a thing once I opened the door to step outside. As the morning progressed, the fog cleared. Sometimes, we have doubts: about ourselves, about others, about God. That’s okay. When the fog clears, we will have clarity!

Blessings to you and yours!

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