There is a breeze…

…thankfully, because this Sabbath is hot and humid. Where will you find cool relief? A swimming pool? Under the shade of an elm tree? Sipping on a cold glass of iced tea in an air conditioned space? Snoozing in a hammock ties between two trees? A dish of ice cream (a cherry, please)? No matter what you do or where you go to escape the heat, enjoy!

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Find joy

The gift of a beautiful spring day beckons us to find joy within it. Ride a bike, go for a walk, hike with a friend, sit on the patio and ‘just be’. Breathe in everything good; exhale all that troubles you. Let the gentle breeze sweep your worries to the furthest corner of your mind; let the warmth of the sun bring forth your hopes and dreams for the day.

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Today is Mother’s Day and also Good Shepherd Sunday. I was reflecting on who served as shepherds for me in my life? Who cared for me and supported me; who showed me unconditional love? For me, it was my grandmother, Mary. What about you? You were your shepherds? Or…consider to whom you may have served as a shepherd…someone you may have guided or advised; extended a kindness; embraced with wisdom and care.

Such a beautiful day tp ponder these things! Blessings to mothers, in whatever way that happens for you.

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Oh, the possibilities!

There is something about the first day of a brand new month! It is exciting! It’s like opening to the first blank page in a notebook – climbing a mountain for the first time and reaching the top; the view is breathtaking! A first view, page or day – paint your own picture! Create your own landscape! The possibilities are endless!

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Easter Sunrise

I awoke about 4am this Easter morning, longing to attend a sunrise Easter service. There is just something about this service that tugs on my heart. This service offers me – us – a sense that something unexpected has happened. Where there appeared to be no hope, now there was hope. I laid there awhile and realized this was not going to happen. Then I got an idea. I got out of bed and made my way to the back patio, gathering my bible, a roll and juice along the way. I held worship as the dawn arrived, with birds singing and two deer grazing along the wood. A blessing on this Easter morning.

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Palm Sunday Musings

One thing about being blind, is that other senses ‘take over’. Really, so much is left to the imagination when reading or listening to scripture. The words paint a picture for us, certainly. But without seeing, the words come alive in a different way – the shouts of ‘Hosanna’ today jumped off the page; I could feel the palm branches being waved around me., fanning me. I could not see Jesus’ expression as the Pharisees confronted him. But I heard the disdain in the Pharisees’ voice. I felt what was in Jesus’ heart with his response. My other senses are sharpened with the loss of one.

 Parading with palm branches waving, people shouting ‘Hosanna!’, children singing, cloaks lining the way, Jesus riding on a colt into Jerusalem…is your cloak one that is strewn on the road? Consider those that are not.

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