Still on the journey

The last stretch of our journey through the wilderness is upon us, as we enter these most Holy days.

Day drew nigh and eve crept in.
Shadows danced across the lawn –
Willowy shapes pliéd all night,
Until the breaking dawn.

The early light was revealing,
Of the heartache all around –
Everyone bent and crying,
Of the blood spilled on the ground.

Our Lord was nailed upon the cross,
A searing tug pulled on my soul –
Then these words reached my ears,
‘Forgive them, they know not what they do.’

St. Thomas UCC Bethlehem Palm Sunday worship 32821:

The Cross

I see the cross in front of me
A symbol of my faith,
I thought I knew its fullest breadth
Until I saw his tear-stained face.
I see the cross in front of me
With a figure of a man,
His body wet with blood drops
Nails… driven in his hands.
I see the cross in front of me
Endeared it to my soul,
Never, no never, will I ever
Know a greater story to be told.


Spring arrived early this morning. By this afternoon, all the snow will have melted from my backyard (I hope!). Enjoy the day, friends!

My discipline this Lent has been to write daily poems. I share again.

Hope is in the springtime
Hope in the sky that’s blue
Hope in the birds now singing
Lord, we find our hope in you!

Hope in the stunning sunsets
Hope in the morning dew
Hope in every breath we take
Lord, we find our hope in you!

Hope in one another
Hope in all things new
Hope in the blooming flowers
Lord, we find our hope in you!


What is it Lord, that troubles me,
My heart, my mind, my soul?
My bones don’t ache, my head no pain,
I don’t begin to know!

Yet, there’s a restlessness within me,
Like the rustling of the wind,
I know not where I’m going,
Only the places I have been.

My feet are set toward something new,
Though I shrug at knowing why,
Content I am, the way I live,
Each day and night of my life.

Still, on the edge of asphalt,
With the field wide in view,
I trust that you will lead me,
To however I’ll be serving you.

It really doesn’t matter,
Because in my heart you’ll be,
Forever with your love and grace,
My Lord, eternally.

Little moments

She plucked a flower from the ground,
And pushed it in my hand –
The biggest smile upon her face,
From ear to ear it spanned!

Her arms reached up to hug me,
Folded tightly ‘round my neck –
Little moments just like these,
One can never, ever forget!

This is another in a series of Lenten daily poems I am writing.

She brought me flowers

I was outdoors with my 2-year-old granddaughter yesterday. She brought me flowers. “Here, Grammy. Flowers.” I replied: “They are beautiful! Can you show me where you got them?”

She took me by the hand and led me to the driveway. Right there between the black edges of the asphalt and the white of the snow, in the dark earth between, crocuses were blooming. What a reminder of God’s gifts!

You & Me

Lord, please come and sit beside me,
For just a moment or two,
Linger with me and listen,
What I’d like to share with you.
Thank you, Lord, from all my heart,
For all the loving care you give,
To family, self and others,
All through  the days we live.
Each sweet & sour point in time,
No matter where we are,
You are close as a whisper,
Right next to our breaking hearts.
Thank you, Lord, for sitting here,
A communion breath with  you,
My prayer each day is that your Light,
Continues to shine through…me.