Walk this way…

I love to walk. When I walk around my neighborhood, I do not always use my white cane, I feel I know the steps by heart, well enough in good weather. I use my white cane more often when I am out and about, like Jacobsburg Park. I have a crazy special GPS head/neck band (that I love!) I use when I am walking in spaces like downtown Bethlehem or Nazareth. Today I used my white cane when I was doing pastoral care visits because the facilities were new to me. Because the light was so bright today, I also was wearing my dark glasses to help mitigate the glare. After the visits, I was outside waiting for my ride, I was holding my white cane slightly in front of me on my right side, when suddenly someone said ‘hello’ (I was startled), then touched my left hand and pressed money into it. I began to speak, but my words only hit the air with no ears of another to hear. I never realized how I must appear to others. We are still in Lent and making our way to the Cross. Wherever we walk, however we walk, nothing could compare to the road that Jesus walked more than 2,000 years ago.

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