Green Grass

Green grass. Many people have remarked to me about how especially green the grass seems this spring season.

Walking across green grass in bare feet tickles my toes. Miles of green grass seem to make the yellow dandelions stand taller and dance more gracefully.

When I was a child, I would lie on green grass in the evening, stare up at the dark, midnight sky and count the stars. (It always seemed laying on green grass helped me count more heavenly stars!)

As an adult, I love to find a quiet part of the world with soft, green grass and lay my bear blanket upon it, where I carve out time to listen to the rustling grass, the birds singing, the planes overhead – space to destress and just ‘be’. Or I read or write or simply watch the world go by, the best I can. A time to refresh and re-energize.

Green grass. Aside from considering getting out the lawnmower to cut it, and the weed-whacker to trim it, do we give green grass much thought?

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