Let’s Go For A Swim

Swimming is a fun activity to keep us fit and offers a respite from the heat and humidity of blazing summer temperatures. I am not a mermaid, but I love to swim.

We have a pool and as time allows, I try to swim as often as I can. Since my vision loss, there are some small things that have helped me feel more comfortable and safe when I swim. I have not been swimming in open water yet; so my helps are limited to pool swimming. If anyone has any other suggestions, please share.

  • I count the swim strokes I need to cover the length of the pool, so I do not bump into the pool walls or the ladder.
  • Goggles were not helpful to me, but they may be to you.
  • I use bright-colored tape to mark the pool steps. Contrast is helpful to me.
  • Sometimes I use a radio or audio device to let me know when I get to the pool’s edge.The sound/music is a reminder to slow down as I approach.
  • Above all, ENJOY!!!

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