An Autumn Mystery

I was sitting on the deck enjoying the moment and the warmth of the sun, with a warm, spirit wind keeping me company. I heard a strange ‘rushing-brushing’ kind of noise happening below. I tried to ignore it, but my thoughts turned to trying to figure out what was causing it. Truly, I was reluctant to leave my comfortable space.

Curiosity won. I left my spot and went in search of this ‘rushing-brushing’ noise. As I walked, down from the deck and across the yard, the noise became louder. There it was – fallen leaves (already) blowing wildly in all directions across the driveway, making a kind of ‘rushing-brushing’ sound as they danced their way across the blacktop. Mystery solved.

Wait….‘Falling leaves already?’ I thought.

This is my third autumn with vision loss. While I am unable to clearly see the kaleidoscope of colors being painted across the landscape, I still love autumn and all the potential and beauty she holds: family gatherings, football, a warm fire on a cool night, a harvest moon… What about you? What do you like about the autumn season?

One thought on “An Autumn Mystery

  1. Back when I was normal (HAHA!) I used to love putting on cuddly sweaters as fall moved in. But now that I don’t tolerate warmer temps, I love the cooler weather we get with fall.

    Also have to say that you’re much braver than I am, Pastor Debra. If I heard any rustling noises, I’d be heading for the door whether I could see what was causing it or not!

    Thanks for a nice little break in the middle of a hectic day.


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