Bye-Bye Leaves…

From the amount of raking leaves I have done, I’d venture to say that all the leaves are now off the trees in our yard. Since we are in a season of thanksgiving, in that spirit, I will say, thank goodness the leaves have all fallen. It is good exercise, but a lot of work.

I love to rake leaves, but last fall I did not do so well.  I was more productive at the task this year. I was able to listen more intently to the sound of the rake gathering leaves in its teeth, and compare it to the rake dragging across plain grass. That helped because I was not always able to discern the difference. The issue then became when I would want to gather the leaves and put them in a bag or can – I would misjudge and miss, with the leaves falling back onto the lawn I just raked!

With this type of vision loss, learning to do the things I like to do in new ways is always an adventure! (I suppose snow shoveling is next!)

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