A Field of Snow…So I Thought

With non – ischemic optic neuropathy, contrast is important; shades of light make much difference in the way I function daily: in bright light, I need to wear dark glasses (indoor or outdoor); in subdued light I can navigate more easily; and of course, in darkness, it is extremely difficult.

So on days when there is light, then no light, those times when the sun plays hide ‘n seek with the clouds, I struggle to keep up with the light changes!

Today, my driver stopped at a traffic light and I looked out the window. Not much to see. I thought I was looking at a field of snow – not all that unusual since we had some snow today….but to the right and to the left of this field, I only saw a darker color.

Wait, I thought to myself. How can it snow in one field and not the others directly next to it? (A very theological question…) Hmmm…It might be possible, since I have already witnessed it raining on one side of the street and not the other.

I looked away then back again – it seemed as though the snow in the field was piling up faster and faster. I asked the driver – ‘Is that snow in the field over there?’

As it turned out, it was snow geese!

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