A Backyard Chorus

I have a near constant symphony in my backyard– endless choruses of birdsong! This is not a complaint by any means! They fly about – from hummingbirds to woodpeckers – happily flying from tree to tree, flower to feeder, then gathering ‘round the birdbath. At one time, I would grab my camera to capture the activity; now I am content with listening to the sweet gifts they offer.

These are anxious times. I worry about everything and everyone. I notice when I pause to listen to the singing of these feathered backyard visitors, my anxiety diminishes. All the worry in the world won’t take away the fact that the coronavirus exists. But your worry and concern can lessen in these backyard moments of song. Try it. Listen to the birdsong; watch the robins and bluejays and sparrows. Enjoy!

St. Thomas UCC worship podcast  Worship 05-31-2020.mp3

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