A new day

At 4am this morning, someone texted me a photo of the sliver of the waxing Gibbous moon that was shining brightly in a midnight sky. There was a time when I would imagine that the arms of that slice of light in the sky cradled God’s peace.

But this morning, after watching the unfolding of events at the Capitol yesterday, my first thought was – those arms are God’s arms cradling us with comfort and love. In the light of another day dawning, we have an opportunity to write a new story; to begin to move forward to heal from our sorrow and pain. With God’s love and light, grace and mercy guiding us, leading us, illuminating a new path for us…we will be able to have the strength necessary to do this. May our prayers in the days ahead include our country, all leadership and all peoples in all circumstances, our neighbors and ourselves.

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