How do you define ‘neighbor’? The one who watches your dog when you are on vacation? The one who invites you to watch the Super Bowl? The one you never formally met but always waves and smiles to you from across the street when you get your morning paper? The one who always borrows your rake? Then there are neighbors who we do not know, whose face we do not see, who need our help.

Every year, Bethlehem Emergency Sheltering helps our street neighbors in Bethlehem. The most recent report of Bethlehem Emergency Sheltering (May 4, 2021) included the following information of its past season: the shelter served175 men and women, totaled 4,565 bed nights and 2,200 volunteer hours (thank you!). In addition, 14% of those men and women were able to acquire some type of housing. Amazing ministry!

I invite you to consider donating to this ministry. Visit
or visit my FB page.

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