Not ready yet

The past few days I have been cleaning up outdoors from the remnants of Hurricane Ida passing through our area. Fallen branches scattered throughout the property, trash cans of broken twigs mostly. I had to say goodbye to my at least 10-foot sunflower – she lay broken across the backyard, cut down by the storm. This morning, as I was sitting on the back patio, surveying the results of my clean-up – a clean lawn – I noticed what appeared from where I was sitting, to be a pile of ‘something unknown’. I stepped off the patio and walked toward the mystery – a small gathering of leaves! Already falling to the ground, a sure sign of a new season around the corner. I sipped my tea and walked back to the patio. In a few weeks, another season will start. I am not quite ready for that; I still want to linger in these summer days. No rush to clean up the leaves that are naturally falling, either. There will be plenty more!

St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem worship audio Sept. 5th

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