P– A pageant of freshly fallen snow across the fields,
   A pool of calm water at rest;
   In the center of all chaos speaks,
   Peace at its best.

E– Enjoyment in helping one another,
    Serving a God who taught us to love;
    In the heart of all human beings,
    Is the plume of peace that finally arrives. 

A – Awesome is the rise of the morning sun,
Amazing is the painting at its setting;
The all-powerful gracious God we know,
Brings peace beyond our understanding.
C – Compassion is the heart of Christ’s teachings,
     Caring for God’s Creation one and all!
     We can do better for one another, I pray,
     So peace washes over our souls.
E– Let’s encourage and employ the best of our hearts,
    As we prepare for the Christ child’s birth;
    May it be our hope that was meant to be,
    That peace will enfold the earth!

St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem worship audio 120521 –



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