5 Years

Today marks 5 years since I experienced vision loss – non-anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. As with all unexpected life-changing events, the path forward is paved with joys and sorrows. It is the same for me. The patterns of living change daily. Much depends on the amount of light indoors or outdoors; how much contrast there is within the spaces I am in daily. In spite of stumbling along the way, I keep learning and adapting, grateful for the support I receive and for the technologies that are available to assist me.  

In the when moments I realized my loss was permanent, I recall the feeling of my heart sinking and the very real understanding that my life would never be the same. Even after 5 years of living with this vision loss, the truth is, my soul holds on to its capacity for faith and hope, while at the same time, has an occasional need to cry out to God in complaint. That’s as honest as I can be: some days are better than others and I let God know it. Some days are not, and I let God know that, too.  I pray God’s gaze remains on me.

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