Welcome Spring

As we ushered in spring today, I took this photo of a crocus blooming through a garden of rocks. Tears stung my eyes. The flower looks as though its ‘arms; are wide open, welcoming the world! It reminds me that the season of spring is about renewal and growth. It also reminds me that in all seasons of our lives, God is with us, encouraging us to try new things so we might grow… grow in our lives and grow in our faith. These rocks? They remind me of how people come together to care for one another, nurture one another, depend on one another, and help one another grow. Happy Spring!

St. Thomas UCC audio worship service March 20th – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pv4_Tptawfz8g75CoNnH6Xplhgo8Bv1Z/view?usp=sharing

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