Palm Sunday Musings

One thing about being blind, is that other senses ‘take over’. Really, so much is left to the imagination when reading or listening to scripture. The words paint a picture for us, certainly. But without seeing, the words come alive in a different way – the shouts of ‘Hosanna’ today jumped off the page; I could feel the palm branches being waved around me., fanning me. I could not see Jesus’ expression as the Pharisees confronted him. But I heard the disdain in the Pharisees’ voice. I felt what was in Jesus’ heart with his response. My other senses are sharpened with the loss of one.

¬†Parading with palm branches waving, people shouting ‘Hosanna!’, children singing, cloaks lining the way, Jesus riding on a colt into Jerusalem…is your cloak one that is strewn on the road? Consider those that are not.

St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem audio worship April 10 –

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