Lingering in summer

Ahhh…while autimn is my favorite season, today I find myself wanting to linger in the season of summer awhile longer. The vocabulary I have been hearing is more of pumpkins, spices, football, scarecrows, cinnamon, mums, apples – rather than flip flops, swimming, iced tea, funnel cake, flowers, garden. Fall arrives on Thursday. Today, I am going to put on my flip-flops and enjoy this summer Sunday!

We blessed prayer shawls today at St. Thomas UCC. We have created and blessed more than 700 shawls since this ministry began in 2009. Of course, it is not about how many. What matters is the comfort and warmth the shawl brings to those who receive one; and the joy in the hearts of those who create them. Thank you for this ministry!

St. Thomas UCC, BEthlehem, worship audio 9/18 –

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