Leaves, Leaves & Letting Go

I was proud of myself, helping with leaf removal in our backyard, walks and driveway. I raked awhile, but when it came to the driveway, I switched to using a leaf blower. I was fairly successful, except when I turned to look at my work, there were still a good number of leaves clinging to the asphalt. Hmmm, I thought. I will try again. After several more attempts, I gave up. I believe they are strill there!

Later, I was thinking about this and thought how we, too, can sometimes be stubborn and persistent; especially when we should let go but find ourselves continuing to hold on, to cling (to whatever it is). Funny, I never thought of myself resembling a leaf. What is it you need to let go?

St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem worship audio 10/16 –


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