Be Kind

St. Thomas UCC is promoting a 175 Acts of Kindness campaign in February, as part of our 175th church anniversary celebration. The board is filling up with red, white & pink hearts!! We should not need to be reminded about being kind to others, but it doesn’t hurt! If you say you did not do one kind act last week, think again! I am sure there was something! For example:

  1. Maybe you donated items to BES or our Blessing Bag effort.
  2. Maybe you took soup/meal to a neighbor.
  3. Maybe you sent a card or called someone you had not spoken to in a while.
  4. Maybe you did something for yourself for self-care (we need to be kind to ourselves, too!
  5. Maybe you told a joke and made someone laugh.
  6. Maybe you shared a dessert or treat.
  7. Maybe you watched a friend’s dog while they were on vacation.
  8. Maybe you helped with a chore.

See? There are MANY ways to offer an act of kindness! It will do your heart good!

St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem worship audio 2/5 –

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