Occasionally on Sunday evenings, I experience a touch of nostalgia tugging gently at my heart. Growing up with my grandmother, Sundays were always a routine of attending Sunday School and Church, sharing a family dinner, then spending time with family in the afternoon. Sunday evenings were a time of preparing for Monday: work and school.

Today was like that in some ways. I spent time with my church family this morning and mmost of our family this afternoon. Now I will soon prepare for work tomorrow.

Perhaps I am feeling this way this evening because the weather was perfect – warm sun and a spirit breeze – and it was Mother’s Day – I was missing my grandmother, my mother, and my daughter. Tugs on my heart. The warmth of the sun on my face felt good and brought me comfort; the spirit breeze seemed to whisper to me words from heaven from their hearts to mine. Soon the day will begin its descent into night, and the memories of the past and the present will fold into another tomorrow.

St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem worship audio 5/14 –

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