A Wintry Day

For those of you who know me, you are aware of my love of photography. Having a vision loss puts a crimp in that fondness for taking pictures… but today, I decided to try to take some photos of the beauty around me and see how they develop.

Sure…schools are closed and there was plenty of shoveling and plowing to be done; but I’d be remiss if I did not remind readers of God’s handiwork in our wintry landscape today. I downloaded the photos and took a deep breath: I enlarged the images and I could see the snow snuggled within the branches of the trees that danced in the early morning wind. I was also able to see the contrast of the bright blue sky against the brown color of the trees. I could hear the birds clamoring at the bird feeders, singing their pre-spring songs, but I was unable to successfully capture them in a photo. I am sharing the photos with you, friends. I hope you take a moment today – from work or from play – to thank God for the gift of the winter landscape!

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