A Lenten Journey

I know God walks with me every day…whether or not my feet are walking or resting.

Welcome to the Season of Lent….for these 40 days I thought I might document my journey with a daily photo from my phone and write a line or two of spiritual reflection. My post today, is a collection of the first several days. More to come as the 40 days unfold….

Sometimes, the world looks just like this…..it is hard to discern what is happening….thankfully God knows even if we don’t.
Family is woven into the fabric of the world God created with love.

Always seeking…always looking…but we know we do not need a magnifying glass to know that God is with us.
New life bursting through the earth after a winter sleep….another chance to grow and to bloom…we are grateful for all opportunities God gives us to grow in our faith.
At times, our brokenness is more visible than other times.. God’s grace and love will help heal us.
So Lent-like…this shroud of grey that is covering us this morning….how will God find me?
Many worldly things block our view; but if we are willing to see between the lines, a whole new lens opens. Remember, there is nothing that can ever separate God’s love from us.
Darkness often overcomes us at a variety of times in our lives. For, some, darkness surrounds them 24/7 . Don’t be afraid to reach out to others and be a light to them.
A friend once taught me to always look up…you may be pleasantly surprised by what you see. It is a good mantra for any season.

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