A New Season

Perhaps you have a favorite season; along with favorite memories attached to it – spring, fall, winter or summer. Maybe going to summer camp, or vacationing at the shore; skiing in the Poconos; taking a road trip in the fall to see the changing colorful landscape; celebrating a graduation or wedding in the spring.

The way I experience these earthly seasons with my vision loss, is significantly different. Fall was my favorite season – the kaleidoscope of colors that fanned across the landscape, creating a patchwork quilt of sorts; a brilliant reminder of God’s artistic hand! Now, I can’t say for certain that this season remains my favorite. Each season brings with it its own set of challenges, some related to the amount of light that is shining (even with dark glasses). I am still figuring it out.

Good news! If summer is your most loved season, your wait is over! Today is the summer solstice – 15 hours and 5 minutes of sunlight to live in, play in, work in…to simply linger in the abundant light…Whatever you may decide to do, enjoy the longest day of the year!

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