Blowing Bubbles

When I was a kid, I loved summer! I enjoyed being outdoors. I enjoyed he activities and creative play the season offered. One of the things I enjoyed doing was blowing bubbles.

It was fun. I would try to discern which direction the wind was blowing. I would try to blow small bubbles, large bubbles, or multiple bubbles and then time them to see how long they would last before they burst. I would gather the neighborhood kids and we would compete against one another to see who could create the biggest bubble or whose bubble floated the farthest.

As an adult, I keep a jar of bubbles on hand. Why? It is a stress reliever. Blowing bubbles is an exercise in mindfulness. Allowing our distracting thoughts and feelings to ‘float’ away, helps to calm our mind.

I tried blowing bubbles yesterday. While I can no longer see if I was able to create a bubble, or the size of the bubbles or watch them float away toward the sky, I suppose it was the act of doing that, that brought back good memories and made it fun for even a few moments. I could still imagine and let that distracting worry float into thin air.

Today, store shelves are stocked with many new bubble makers and fascinating bubble wands. Just for the fun of it….try it for yourself. Enjoy!


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