Glimpses of God

Our Confirmation Class is working on a photo project, Glimpses of God. The assignment is to take pictures of where they see God at work in their lives: nature, family, friends, pets, and so on.

As we journey through this Season of Lent, I thought I would do the assignment, too. Here are the photos I have taken so far. I’d like to share them with you.

Our journey to the cross began on Ash Wednesday. We added our prayers for family and friends as we began. God, hear our prayers.
God created the world and remains present with us in the earth and sky around us.
What beauty in the midst of Lent! A gift!
We should pray this prayer every day.
We share the world with God’s creatures. This little one is someone’s beloved.
I stood in the stillness and listened for God’s whisper.
The road seems straight, but often it is usually is not. No matter where the road leads us, God travels with us.
Even in the vastness, it is possible to feel close to God.
We often travel through the darkness to find the light; but on this day, there was an abundance of blue sky and sunshine as the trees huddled together.

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