More Glimpses…

The National State of Emergency is happening in the midst of the Lent season. Though we may be feeling anxious and worried, and seem as though we are walking through the wilderness, we should take a moment to look around. It is the last week of winter. Maybe noticing the blue sky and the flowers already blooming, will be a balm to your spirit. Spring will arrive in a a few days – a new season, new life, new things. All glimpses of God. These are my glimpses of God this week.


We are never alone.
Finding shalom on a March afternoon.
Beauty in the midst of anxiety.
New life springing forth.
Looks like the wilderness under an awesome sky.

Strength, courage, faith.
(Referring to The Footprints poem) There were times in my life when one set of footprints was visible. I know God carried me.

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