Transitions and Changes

This is the first day of spring, and currently, the morning fog has settled on the outdoor landscape around me. It may be difficult to think spring and enjoy the already blooming flowers, with COVID-19 ‘blooming’ around us – weighing heavy on us like the fog.

This is not our first time journeying through an unexpected challenge. Not much comfort, perhaps. But when the fog lifts, there will be plenty of opportunity to step outside and enjoy the day in our own spaces. Though we need to be mindful of the new rubrics, like social distancing, we can still be open to listening for the Spirit to move us to do a new thing.

As we continue our walk through Lent and transition from winter to spring, I offer grace-filled prayers for the world. As we face these uncertain times and navigate the difficult spaces that accompany them, I encourage to look for new ways to just ‘be’. As many other churches, St. Thomas is closed through March 29. Look for the audio clip for worship at 10:15 on Sunday. It is a new way for us to be The Church. Shalom.

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