Breath of Life

On this beautiful Sabbath that God created, we collectively say, “Come, Holy Spirit, Come! Advocate, Encourager, Breath of Life…enfold us in our struggles, in our griefs, and in our courage….embrace us through the stories of pain we share, through the horizons of hope that remain unseen, and the landscapes that are scattered shards of brokenness stretched across fields and valleys. Please, Holy Spirit, Breath of Life, infuse us, revive us refresh us, with your power to be able to journey with one another in love, in peace, and in hope.

I was humbled this morning to share communion with congregations from both St. Thomas and Trinity United Church of Christ (in person and virtually) AND to confirm six youth. How awesome is God’s grace and mercy!

St. Thomas UCC, Bethlehem, worship audio 6/5 – .

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