Wind & Spirit

There are many expressions that use the word ‘wind’: the wind at our back, blowin’ in the wind, the wind in our sails, gone with the wind, go with the wind, four sheets to the wind, in the wind, the wind of change, an ill wind, whistle in the wind – take your pick. The American Free Dictionary includes 104 such phrases. I only mention wind today because the wind has been blowing – sometimes fiercely – the past two days. In our locale alone, flying a kite has only torn the kite to shreds, canoeing/kayaking/boating on some bodies of water have been limited or denied, garden plants and flowers have grown weary of trying to stand straight and tall.

I love the wind this time of year. I love to listen to it. I love to feel it. I imagine parts of God’s Creation are dancing in the wind, like the flowers and trees, bending and twisting to whatever speed/strength the wind offers. I used to love to see the wind act out on a calm lake, causing ripples to immensely increase; or assertively cross the ocean water, causing the water spray along the shoreline to go higher and higher.

I love the wind such as these past two days, especially as we just celebrated Pentecost a short time ago, reminding us still, that God’s Spirit is active and all around us. That we will continue to be encouraged and strengthened by God’s Spirit, as long as we are open to its presence. Surround me, Mighty Wind! Surround me, Holy Spirit!

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